Everyone should always know what to work on next

Comb gives you a weekly schedule across all projects for your whole team with tools to plan & prioritize with performance insights to inspect & adapt.

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It's hard to know which tasks to do first when there's no clear priority

Task lists that roll over

See what's on your plate today, and for the next week across all projects. Tasks that aren't completed, get rolled over onto the next day, or sprint or any other interval you like. Get an overview of your team's workload to keep track of what everyone's doing.

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Go #structureless with hashtag hierarchies

No need to predefine epics, stories and tasks: Comb makes it easy to create ad-hoc structures to group together work in the most logical manner for your team. Keep track of progress at any level with alerts and charts that burn up or down.

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Plan & prioritize

Be confident you'll deliver on time with Comb's roadmaps & scenario planning. Watch your delivery date move as you change the scope & team. Run multiple scenarios simultaneously to test different assumptions.

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Do more with the tools you already use

New tasks pop up all the time, so make sure they're on your schedule in the right order.

GMail integration turns emails into tasks


Turn emails into tasks & create reminder tasks to follow up.

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Github integration turns PRs into tasks


Turn PRs into tasks when they get created & updated. Filter out PRs that fail CI.

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Zendesk integration turns support tickets into tasks


Turn support tickets into tasks & plan bug fixes or documentation updates.

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Keep the team focussed

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